Til Death Do Us Part | Free Sugar Skull SVG

‘Til Death do us part, A Free Sugar Skull SVG. to download or print for use in your cricut craft projects, as image transfers or tracing sheet! 

A sugar skull image that says til death do us part, black


Plug-in your Silhouette or Cricut die cutting machines, prep your vinyl rolls, and get ready to make some crafts with this lovely sugar skull SVG or printable transfer image.

There are so many creative things you can make with this free sugar skull SVG cut file, it would look stunning on a denim jacket for a Dia De Los Muertos wedding photoshoot, especially if a little bling were added!!

Some Ideas to Use this sugar skull SVG and PNG file download:

  • Create t-shirts for a stag party
  • Stickers for a tumbler
  • Put it on the back of a denim jacket for your wedding photoshoot.
  • Create a keepsake tile wedding gift for a wedding couple that get married on Halloween eve!
Colorful Sugar skull image with hand-lettered text that says 'til death do us part'


Coming up with a creative idea can often be a challenge. 

I have mocked-up creative suggestions on how you can use this free sugar skull SVG for creating fun DIY projects for your Dia Los Muertos themed event, Halloween Parties and maybe even just to create a cool T-shirt, Notebook, or tote for yourself!

1. Denim jacket decal

Día Los Muertos is a celebration of life and love and for this reason, it is a perfect time for some lucky couples to also get married. 

If you or your best friend are having a Halloween or Día Los Muertos themed wedding, use this free day of the dead SVG cut file to create a fun DIY denim jacket for the chilly evening or engagement photoshoot!

Til Death Denim Jacket - wedding DIY Inspiration for Dia Los Meurtos themed wedding
Use this FREE SVG Cut file to create an HTV Vinyl Decal, Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer or Screen for Ink Application on a denim jacket!


How you use this sugar skull design to create your DIY project depends on what you have and of course the look you are going for. 

In addition, you can usually find a great looking upcycled denim jacket at a thrift store, either to test on prior to applying to your precious item, or to use for your big day, denim always looks better as it's worn! 


Equipment Needed: Heat Press, Electronic Die Cutting Machine.
File Required: DXF, EPS or SVG Cut file (Layered or Single Color)
Skill: Intermediate

With this application method you will need to have a silhouette or cricut electronic die cutting machine & access to a heat press that applies simultaneous heat and pressure to make the HTV Vinyl stick to denim.  

For this reason, here is a good set of detailed instructions from Tidewater and Tulle on how she applied her design to a denim jacket that can be used for this image too!

Alternative Option for vinyl application

If you have a die cutting machine, but no access to a heat press and are not sentimental, you could use regular vinyl if your jacket is a one-time use, this way, it is not a permanent application.  

NOTE: This sugar skull design is a bit intricate, it will require patience when weeding.  If you want to use the multi color layered version, note that you must know how to layer your vinyl cuts and line them up with transfer paper. 

Overall, the best method for using layered vinyl designs is the parchment paper method and Kayla has an excellent video where she shares in detail how to line all your vinyl colors up the right way! 


Equipment Needed: Printer (or copy shop) Embroidery Thread, Needle, Carbon Transfer Paper, Hoop, measuring tape, scissors.
File Required: PNG Tracing template
Skill: Beginner

For this application method you will need to know or learn a tiny bit about embroidery and have some of the embroidery tools above. 

The wonderful thing is if you use the single-color image as your tracing template and follow this helpful guide: Hand-embroidery on denim.

With a little patience anyone could carry out this image transfer method!


When it comes to getting married or hosting any kind of celebration, there are so many important things to tote to the venue. 

Putting your items in customized totes that can be easily recognized is something you will be grateful for doing after the celebration is all over!

Multi Color Til Death Do Us Part Sugar Skull Design mockup example image on a tote bag


Below are a couple of ideas of things I think would suit this Day of the Dead – Til Death do us part themed tote to organize your special celebration! 

1. A bag for keeping your dancing shoes

With the amount of things one must tote to the wedding venue, you need plenty of totes that you could describe to your Maid of honor, so she recognizes which bag to look in when you need to slip out of your high-heals and dance the night away. 

Also makes for a great bag to keep your wedding shoes in for sentimental purposes, if that's your thing!

2.  CreatE a special gift bag for the wedding party!

They have made sure to show up and do the work, friends 'til the end!  Don't forget to make up a little themed gift bag with all of the essential items they are going to need to make it through your big day.

Things like: refillable water bottles, some cool mist spray, chap stick and extra deodorant stick for the guys, a finishing powder & lipstick for the ladies, phone charging cable, etc.  This would also work well for out-of-own guests because they are light-weight and easily packable! 

3. Gift bags for prizes at the wedding shower.

Create cute tote bags to help your guests remember your celebration day, instead of a throw-away giftbag. Everyone can use a cute tote for storage!


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