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FAQ About Inspirational Zest Newsletter

How many emails will you send me?

There will not be more than one email from me per week, unless it is for a special update, or something I really think you need to be made aware of!

What will I get if I join your subscription list?

You will get creative updates from me and be less likely to miss any new Inspirational Zest I add!

Is my email address safe with you?

Absolutely! I do not sell, lend, or share your info for promotional purposes. The only one you will hear from is me.

Is it easy to unsubscribe?

YES! I will not hold you as a hostage subscriber, I promise! I only want you on my newsletter list if you want to be on it.

At the bottom of each newsletter or update I send, there will be a VISIBLE unsubscribe button. You can click it and there will be no hard feelings. Interests change as do seasons of our lives. <3

I know handing over your email is a big deal and I completely understand and am thankful you want to hear more from me!

Thank you!

Carrie Stephens

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