7 Motivational Quote Testing Coloring Pages for Students

Teachers, grab these 7 Confidence building, testing coloring pages with a combination growth mindset & ocean animal theme for your students to color and display in the classroom. They are ready to download and print, free!

A display of 7 Ocean Animal Coloring Page Printables

Printable Coloring Pages with a Focus on Positivity

We all need encouraging words during stressful times and testing days for my kids were not so fun. 

I designed these motivational quote themed activities with elementary kids, middle, and high school students in mind, there is something for every lover of sea creatures. 

Parents, Educators, Home Schoolers, using the links below, download this fun collection of printables for your students to color-in and relax if they are early finishers. 

I hope they enjoy them! 

Coloring Difficulty Level : Elementary – Intermediate


The positive affirmations and motivational sayings make these coloring pages inspirational. 

Especially since they feature much needed reminders that are not only helpful for breaking the stress in a classroom during standardized testing, but for everyday encouragement. 

I hope your kids enjoy these coloring pages and if they do, they may also enjoy my meditative mandala coloring pages as well. They'll make beautiful binder covers or bulletin board displays when they are colored in!


These cute motivational coloring pages are great for young people, or anyone who needs encouragement or practice to develop a stronger growth mindset and include these 7 encouraging sayings:

  • Good Vibes Only
  • Don't Stress do your best!
  • Take a deep breath and show what you know!
  • Yes, you can.
  • Take a deep breath and keep trying!
  • Will it be easy?  Nope.  Worth it?  Absolutely!
  • Don't wish for it work for it!
A display of Ocean Animal Coloring Pages with motivational quotes

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This coloring page comes with a Personal Use License that allows you to use it within your personal DIY & Creative projects. Meaning, you have my permission to: color, make, use, craft, or decorate with the coloring page printable, not make any profit from its use.

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Take a deep breath and keep trying, typography Saying with Black and White Illustration of Octopus with boat in rough waters


Deep, calming breaths can be reassuring for nervous students with testing anxiety. 

This coloring page can help find calm and enjoy mindfulness.

All it takes is a gentle reminder to keep on trying, being aware of our own positive & negative thoughts and in this cute under the sea themed coloring page illustration.

Freddy the octopus has a smile on his face, even though the water is rough–He is keeping calm, taking deep relaxing breaths, he sees the boat in site!

Don't Stress typography Saying with Black and White Illustration of Fish and Cute Octopus

Don't Stress Do your Best! Encouraging Coloring Page

Don't stress, do your best!  An emboldening saying to beat the standardized test anxiety in your classroom, raising spirits higher.

This cute sea animal coloring page once again features Freddy the happy octopus.   

Teachers, I hope your students enjoy coloring in this no prep activity and don't stress the test!

Yes you can typography Saying with Black and White Illustration of Sea Turtle

YES YOU CAN. Sea Turtle Coloring Page

YES YOU CAN.  There is no doubt about it that challenges make us resilient.  This sea turtle themed coloring page says it as a matter of fact.

Use this encouraging, growth mindset printable activity alongside a lesson about the journey a sea turtle must make once hatched.  

A tiny baby sea turtle must find its way into the ocean, over all the obstacles & predators to survive!  

Worth it! positive typography Saying with Black and White Illustration of Fish, octopus & Seaturtle

It will be worth it! Motivational Coloring page

Will it be easy? Nope. 

Worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!

Encouragement for Tweens, teens, and middle schoolers to print and color in!  This illustration includes the whole under the sea gang, a sea turtle, clown fish, angel fish, Jelly Fish & Octopus. 

So, use these positive affirmation coloring pages to help cultivate that growth mindset with kids in your classroom even more!

Don't Wish for it, work for it typography Saying with Black and White Illustration of Sea Plants and Sting ray

Work For it Testing Coloring Page {Sting Ray}

Hey there, A dream only goes so far, Don't Wish for it, Work for it!  A Sting Ray Coloring Page Activity that encourages good study habits.

Download this encouraging Growth mindset resource for kids, your students, kids or even for yourself, below!

Good Vibes Only typography Saying with Black and White Illustration of Fish

Good Vibes Only Coloring Page

It's a beautiful day to spread the good vibes! 

Enjoy this cute fish themed Growth mindset activity for kids, a reminder that the challenges and failures are simply opportunities to improve skills, but it's the good vibes and positive thinking that always help get through the trying times!

Take A Deep Breath typography Saying with Black and White Illustration of Fish and Bubbles

KEEP TRYING! (cute Fish Coloring Page}

Take a Deep Breath and SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW!   A Cute Fish Coloring page printable with an inspiring saying.  A reminder for students who write those one-line answers, they know it ALL, but stop at the first sentence. Keep Going! 

My son was one of those students, he had answers, but when it came to getting it all out, he stopped at the first line in the worksheet, and this was always something we worked towards.

Download This Growth mindset coloring activity below.

There you have it, I hope you and your students enjoy these Growth mindset activities for kids.

Cute sea animal creatures & positive quotes bring good vibes during testing time and through the school year! 

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  1. Karen F.

    Thank you so much for posting these adorable coloring pages! We begin our End of Grade testing on Wednesday of this week, so I plan to use these tomorrow as an opportunity for my students to relax and reflect on all of their hard work this year.

    1. Karen, you are so welcome!! I really hope that they enjoyed coloring them!
      Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated.

  2. Lorri N.

    Thank you for the use of these coloring pages! I plan to use them as brain-break activities for my students!

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