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Free Printable Stickers to color. Print, cut out and use these images for mixed media art projects, art journal collage, day planners, traveler's notebook spreads or decorating a gratitude journal!  

Cut Paper Printable Stickers for Art Journals
I cut these images out with these spring-loaded scissors!
It helps make the process easier on your hands.


These images are black and white making them perfect to color in before you cut them out!

Below is a list of the images you will get when you download.

Black & White IMAGES

  • Happy Girl with long hair
  • Happy Girl with bun
  • Small Rainbow
  • Dots
  • Black and White arrows

Doodle Images

  • Cute Garden Snail
  • Butterfly
  • Moon
  • Tall Rainbows
  • Arrow Labels
  • Leaves
  • Flowers

Sayings, words & Phrases

  • I Go Slowly but Never Backwards.
  • Brave
  • Forward is Forward
  • No!
  • A slow start is still a start.
  • Trust the Process
  • Keep Going
  • Never Giving Up!
  • Never, Never, Never…
  • Courage
  • Relentless
  • Determination
  • Challenge
  • Success


How you color in these black and white printable images depends on what material you printed them on! Choose the appropriate paper for your coloring supplies that you wish to use.

  • Markers–print your images on high quality cardstock paper and you can use alcohol ink markers, bic, sharpie, brush markers or Crayola!
  • Pencil Crayons–When I color with pencil crayons, I like to print on matte photo paper instead of cardstock.
  • Watercolor Paint–As long as you don't use too much water, you can paint on any high-quality card stock.
  • Digitally!–Export these images in adobe acrobat as JPG images and insert into the procreate app to paint, then print your custom-colored images on photo or sticker paper.


  • Read Terms of Use
  • Click Download Link — NOTE: To download you must have a google account as i use google drive to deliver these free stickers.
  • Save PDF to your Downloads Folder — To open a PDF you will need to have adobe acrobat reader installed on your device or an app capable of viewing PDF files. You can print direct from your browser, but you may encounter some issues depending on your device.


  • Upon downloading, you have permission to my Printable images for Personal Crafting or Educational, Classroom enjoyment.
  • No Redistribution: sharing or commercial / for-profit or promotional use!  Instead: Share the link to this page with your friends and educator colleagues so they can download the coloring pages for themselves!
  • Copyright Ⓒ Carrie Stephens Art | All Rights Reserved


There are many ways you can use these printable images in your craft projects! Below I list some of my ideas.

Mixed Media Art Journal Page with Vibrant Flowers, Rainbow and a message of positivity

Art Journal Spread

I printed these images out on cardstock, cut, and pasted them onto a painted background with mod podge glue.

I was then able to add more paint and color the black and white die cut images with markers and watercolor pencil.

Day Planner accents

If you want to print these images as stickers to cut out for your day planner, you will want to scale down the images to 50% of their original size before printing. These sticker sheets were created as 8.5×11 inch printables, but it is easy to scale in your printer software or even ms word if you want to put two sheets on one page!

Keep Moving Forward Inspirational, Mixed Media Art Journal Spread

Another Art Journal Spread

As you can see, you can get creative with these images, I printed these out on plain white copy paper and used colored pencils to color in the images.


Of course, you can use these images for your scrapbooking layouts!

I would make sure to print them on acid free paper if you are storing them with precious photos and want them to stand the test of time.


These images can be used as die cuts for cardmaking, cut out and then attached to a card base using pop dots or double-sided adhesive tape!

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Free Printable Die Cut Stickers | Moving ForwardFree Printable Die Cut Stickers | Moving Forward

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