Free Printable Zen Doodle Pattern Coloring Sheets

8.5 x 11 Black and white Zen Doodle pattern coloring sheets! 10 FREE zentangle inspired printable decorative papers with intricate, hand-drawn line patterns. Use these patterns for coloring, cardmaking, scrapbooking, journaling or tracing / transfer to your art and paper craft projects! 

A Display of 10 Black and White Doodle Patterns & Coloring Pages
10 crisp black and white pattern designs for printing

Zen Doodle Pattern Details!

COLORS Included:

  • Black and White 

Zen Doodle PATTERN Types:

  • Decorative Dots Pattern in assorted sizes
  • Leaves – Two Styles, 3D and Tiny Geometric Lines
  • Criss Cross Lines – A Hatching Pattern
  • Scallops, AKA: Dragon or Mermaid Scales
  • Chevron tile
  • Swirls Patterns — Big Curly Swirls and Swirly Flourishes (My Personal Favorite!)
Doodle Patterns Black and White


1. Print out for COLORING in SHEETS

Yes, just as coloring sheets with patterns. Simply print and color the patterns in! It will take time, but that is the point. If you need printing tips, refer to my FAQ!

Why Color Pattern Designs?

The best thing about coloring in coloring sheets with repetitive line patterns is that it allows for mindless busy time. There is not much thinking involved and it can take your mind to a calming state–at least it does for me!

For this reason, coloring in Zen Doodle Patterns can easily become a regular activity that promotes relaxation.

Keep printable patterns coloring in your self-care toolbox–something you can easily turn to. The best thing is that it doesn't require skill or too much forethought to do it when the need to quiet your mind pops up!

Hand coloring in dot pattern with prisma alchohol marker
Coloring in the dot pattern with Prisma Alcohol Markers — I chose only four colors and I really enjoy how the color bleeds around the edges.

What to color Doodle patternS with?

What you use to color in the patterns does not matter.
Use whatever art supplies you have available or find fun to use!

  • Colored Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Watercolor (print on thicker paper)
  • Ink Pens

How TO Color The Printable Patterns.

How you color DOES NOT matter, either! To get started coloring, print your pages, pick a color, two or the entire rainbow and trace around the details in the decorative patterns.

  • Color quickly to release frustration or anger
  • Spend lots of time thinking about the details, fill in the color strategically to get a color pattern
  • Color it all randomly.
  • Color with a friend or child while having a conversation.
  • Draw patterns within the doodles.

As you can see from the list above, there are many ways to color the pattern coloring designs, All that matters is if you enjoy the process!

Afterall, these pattern designs are offered to you as a free download to enjoy, they are printable and can be printed out multiple times. You can indeed color them in different ways each time if you want to explore your creative side! Creativity is good for your soul.

Decorative Circles for Doodle Patterns. a close up of the Cross Hatch Line Pattern, Dots Pattern, Geometric Leaves Pattern
Cross Hatch Line Pattern, Dots Pattern, Geometric Leaves Pattern

2. Print For CARDMAKING BaseS

Cut these printable papers down to size and use them as fronts for cardmaking!  

The best thing about these black and white doodle patterns is that you can print onto your favorite paper stock for coloring in any colorway you need.

See the tips for coloring above and color them up to coordinate with any color scheme that matches your cardmaking embellishments. 

3. Trace As Pattern TransferS

Fire up the printer to print some of these pattern coloring sheets on copy paper to transfer into your art journals, cards, art or crafts! There are several different ways to transfer the patterns that i go over, below. Do you know of any others?  

Gel Medium Pattern Transfer

  • Transfer the Pattern-Apply gel medium to your art journal page, let it dry, wet the paper and rub the top layer of the paper off to reveal the black ink pattern design underneath! 

Tracing Methods

  • Lightbox or window transfer–have your pattern under the surface you wish to trace it onto and trace.
  • Graphite paper–Trace on top of the pattern with graphite paper underneath so the graphite transfers the pattern to your new working surface.
Zen Doodle Printable Coloring Sheets or paper Black and White

1. Whimsical Herringbone

black and white Detailed herringbone pattern.
This pattern design is a cross between a herringbone and a chevron with a little whimsy thrown in, one thing is for sure, this intricate design will take some time to color in!

2. Geometric Crosshatch

Black and white crosshatch pattern design for coloring
A pattern design that reminds me of chaos. Cross Hatched Lines within Shattered geometric shapes.

3. Cool Doodle Dots

Dots of various sizes
A hip dot pattern for anyone who loves coloring in circles or polka dots. It's one of my personal favorite Patterns to color.

Questions About My Free Downloads?

If you have any questions about my Free Printable ArtFree PNG ClipArt Images or SVG files, visit my FAQ.

4. Detailed Leaf

Black and white line drawing with detailed scattered leaves.
A Detailed Leaf doodle pattern. Color this one in earth tones while connecting with nature.

5. Elegant and formal

A Victorian damask style pattern design coloring page.
Chic and Feminine. This pattern design reminds me of A Vintage Victorian Fabric. It would look lovely colored in a monochromatic palette.

Another way to download!

This set of zen doodle pattern backgrounds can also be downloaded as 12x12in digital papers with a choice to upgrade the license for standard or extended commercial use!

6. Complex SwirlS

Black and white pattern with curl doodles.
All of the curls and swirls are broken in this fun yet complex pattern. This pattern was one of my first hand-drawn patterns so, it has a few more irregularities.

7. Fish ScaleS

A black and white Fish Scales Pattern

8. Modern Leaves

Detailed leaf shapes with line patterns for coloring in.
You are going to want to sharpen your pencils for this coloring sheet pattern!

9. Mermaid Scales

Overlapping scales pattern design in black and white.
Color these mermaid or fantasy dragon scales in jewel tones with pops of gold colored pencil.

10. Whimsical Zen Swirl

A Black and white coloring sheet with interlocking swirls.
This swirl pattern is cute and whimsical. Color in only the background and watch how the cute curli-ques just pop from the page.
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