Free Printable Christmas Cards | Merry Everything!

Spread holiday cheer with four free printable Christmas cards designs to celebrate everything or anything this holiday season. These PDF Downloads also include printable coordinating envelope and stationery.

An example of the variety of Merry merry everything printable card designs.
4 different holiday designs and matching envelope included in this PDF

I hope you enjoy them and have a MERRY EVERYTHING, whatever and however you celebrate!  

MERRY EVERYTHING Holiday Cards to Print

This collection of Printable Christmas cards is just what you need for last minute gift giving or spreading holiday cheer–the non-denominational way.

The four card designs included are blank inside so you can Include your own thoughtful, personalized messages to your friends, family, classmates, or co-workers.

A generic holiday design is perfect for giving in the office and while some say that by saying “Merry Everything” it could be taken as “offensive” or dismissive to the intent of the holiday, some also believe that big love, acceptance & inclusion of the others is the foundation of the celebration. 

There is beauty in inclusivity at Christmas when the intent of the card giver is to not only spread joy and cheer, but also include everyone in a festive holiday season–whatever they call it.

But I'd Rather say Merry Christmas!

It is OKAY If you don't like these Merry Everything Cards, don't agree, or don't appreciate not saying Merry Christmas, loud and proud to everyone.  I respect that!

I hope you find something else that works for YOU and how you like to communicate and celebrate your holiday with people in your circle.

Everything included, printable envelope, Printable notepaper with poinsettias, Merry Everything Card in Red.
Free Printable Christmas Card Set | Merry Merry Everything!

Printables TERMS OF USE:

These Greeting Cards are for your PERSONAL USE. Don't sell, give away, share the link to download the printable cards etc. Thanks!

The Holiday Card Downloads

These cards are ready to print. I have included the trim lines to make it easier for you to get them trimmed and folded quickly. If you need more tips for printing or assembling these holiday cards, see below for more details and FAQ.

Coordinating Stationery

5×7 Printable Card Fronts

Use these printable card fronts to print on a pre cut and folded greeting card or, use them as a postcard or print for including in a 5×7 photo frame.

Instructions on Choosing the right printer settings for printing the Christmas cards in acrobat reader


Use a craft knife, trimmer, or scissors to trim your printables. The cutting tool you use to trim is your preference, they all get the job done.

TIP: When I trim my printed greeting cards, I like to use a ruler and a bone folder to indent where my craft knife needs to slide prior to cutting.

In these files, I left a full (but light) trim line around the images because I have found it to work best, even for those who may not have a paper trimmer and instead use handy-dandy scissors to cut this card out!

Printed and Folded Holiday Card Set
The red printed card design, assembled envelope and notepaper!


Cardstock just needs some extra love when it comes to folding.

To fold your printed Christmas cards, use a bone folder to run along the edge of a ruler right on the center line and the end result is a perfect crease in the cardstock.

No bone folder?  Use the spine of a book, a soft edged ruler or even an orange peeler to give that crisp fold instead of the wrinkled edge that comes with just trying to fold a piece of cardstock in half

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Check out the FAQ below.  I hope to clear up some of your burning questions and if not, send me a message or leave a comment so I can help you with printing issues or general usage questions about these cards.

What does “Merry everything” Mean?

The holiday season is a magical time filled with traditions, festivity, and tremendous joy.  As our communities get increasingly diverse, throwing out a “Merry Everything” is a way to embrace that diversity and offer inclusion to those around us who do not celebrate.

Merry everything is an all-encompassing way to honor and acknowledge all types of holiday traditions while expressing excitement for commercialized season festivities that everyone can and does partake in, regardless of religious affiliation.

This greeting does not take the place of merry Christmas, Yuletide Greetings, Feliz Navidad, Joyous Kawanza, or Diwali greetings–it's a simple, but inclusive way to greet a group of diverse friends and acquaintances.

Why not use the greeting you are most comfortable with this holiday season, feel free to change it up situationally.

Can i SELL these Printable cards?

No, you may not sell them. These printable cards are for your personal use only–this means you can print and assemble send a greeting, but not as blank Christmas Cards.

NOTE: If you wish to make your own Christmas cards and know how to use graphics software to make cards, check out the list of fonts, clipart and digital paper I used to make these cards and make your own for commercial use!

What Size are these Christmas cards when printed?

PDF digital files have been designed and formatted to print a 4.75 x 6.75” card which will fit a 5×7” envelope once trimmed along the cutting lines and creased!    


Card images are printed best on bright white, matte cardstock paper.

What BEST PRINTER is best?

You don't need a special printer to print these Christmas cards! Whatever home printer you have will print these images fine as long as it can handle 80lb cardstock


  • Select Print–the little printer icon on the top!
  • Set Print Settings: Within the printer settings screen that pops up–see image above–make sure to select the correct settings for printing high quality cards.
    • Printer: Choose your home printer
    • Properties: Choose Media Type–cardstock & Print Quality–High or best.
    • Page sizing: Select ACTUAL SIZE (this will keep your cards to scale!)
A tape gun, scissors, ruler and printable cards. The craft supplies used to print and assemble these holiday cards.
It doesn't take many supplies to assembled these holiday cards and get them sent out to your loved ones!

SUPPLIES USED To Design The Printable Cards:

Merry Everything printable Christmas Cards were designed in photoshop.

If you enjoy the look of these printable xmas card designs, the graphic assets (clipart sets & digital paper pack) are available for purchase in my shops and can be used to design your own printable designs for personal or small business commercial use!


  • Local Market – My Fonts
  • MY Skinny Type -Dafont


The Printable Holiday Cards above were created using a combination of clipart, digital papers & fonts!

Carrie Stephens Author


Meet Carrie – A passionate visual content creator / digital artist from Canada.
She has 15+ years of experience creating & selling with over 150,000, downloadable digital product sales across multiple online marketplaces.

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