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Make merry with four free printable Christmas card designs, coordinating envelope and stationery to print!  Download as a PDF below!  Merry everything and always happy this holiday season!  These Printable cards are FREE to download for personal use. I hope you enjoy them and have a MERRY EVERYTHING, whatever and however you celebrate!  

Merry, MERRY EVERYTHING is like a warm embrace!

This set of Printable Christmas cards are just what you need for last minute gift giving or spreading holiday cheer–the non-denominational way!    The cards are blank inside so you can Include your own thoughtful, personalized messages to your friends, family, classmates, or co-workers. A generic holiday design is perfect for giving in the office and while some say that by saying “Merry Everything” it could be taken as “offensive” or dismissive to the intent of the holiday, some also believe that big love, acceptance & inclusion of the others is the foundation of the celebration.  There is beauty in inclusivity at Christmas when the intent of the card giver is to not only spread joy and cheer, but also include everyone in a festive holiday season–whatever they call it!     Printed and Folded Holiday Card Set

I'd Rather say Merry Christmas!

That's okay!  If you don't like these Merry Everything Cards, don't agree, or don't appreciate not saying Merry Christmas, loud and proud to everyone.  I respect that! I hope you find something else that works for you and how you like to celebrate Christmas!    PS. I am working on designing more Christmas cards and hopefully there will be something you like! I will share the link here when it is done, if you have suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below for me! Everything included, printable envelope, Printable notepaper with poinsettias, Merry Everything Card in Red.


It's time to get prepared for the rush this Christmas season!  Why not start with cards?  My idea for getting better prepped this year is having several styles of Christmas Cards printed in advance, waiting for personalization for whatever pop-ups up around the holidays. I hope that my printable Christmas cards make that easy, fun, and affordable for you too!

STEP 1: Download the PDF

Downloading digital files is easy!
  • Click on the download now link below–It will open to a new page to see the PDF displayed in its entirety in a new browser window.  
  • To download the PDF: click on the little disk icon in the top right-hand corner that says “save as” when you hover over it.  
  • Select a folder to download the file to when you can find it again, like your downloads, documents or desktop.  
NOTE: you need to be signed into a google account.  TIP: I don't recommend printing anything directly from your web browser using the printer icon.  It is always best to download the file to your own local drive and open it in acrobat reader.  TAKE ME RIGHT TO THE DOWNLOAD LINK!


If you don't have it already, you must Download Adobe Reader!  
  • To Download: Click the button that says “download acrobat reader”
  • Install Software.
  • Locate pdf download (In your downloads folder?)
  • Double click to open the PDF file and follow the best printer and settings guidelines, provided in the next section below!   
Instructions on Choosing the right printer settings for printing the Christmas cards in acrobat reader


  • Select Print–the little printer icon on the top!
  • Set Print Settings: Within the printer settings screen that pops up–see image above–make sure to select the correct settings for printing high quality cards.
    • Printer: Choose your home printer
    • Properties: Choose Media Type–cardstock & Print Quality–High or best.
    • Page sizing: Select ACTUAL SIZE (this will keep your cards to scale!)
    • Pages to Print: Find Which pages you wish to print from the PDF, enter those numbers separated by commas in the pages to print section–Make sure you do this part, or you will print all my copyright and preview pages and waste ink and paper!


Use a craft knife, trimmer or scissors to trim your printables!   What you use to trim is your preference, they all get the job done the same.  When I trim my printed cards, I like to use a ruler and a bone folder to indent where my craft knife needs to slide prior to cutting. In these files, I left a full (but light) trim line around the images because I have found it to work best, even for those who may not have a paper trimmer and instead use handy-dandy scissors to cut this card out!


To fold the cards, use a bone folder to get that perfect crease in your cardstock! No bone folder?  Use the spine of a book, a soft edged ruler or even an orange peeler to give that crisp fold instead of the wrinkled edge that comes with just trying to fold a piece of cardstock in half.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Check out the FAQ below.  I hope to clear up some of your burning questions and if not, send me a message or leave a comment so I can help you with printing issues or general usage questions about these cards.

What does “Merry everything” Mean?

The holiday season is a magical time filled with traditions, festivity, and tremendous joy.  As our communities get increasingly diverse, throwing out a “Merry Everything” is a way to embrace that diversity and offer inclusion to those around us who do not celebrate. Merry everything is an all-encompassing way to honor and acknowledge all types of holiday traditions while expressing excitement for commercialized season festivities that everyone can and does partake in, regardless of religious affiliations! This greeting does not take the place of merry Christmas, Yuletide Greetings, Feliz Navidad, Joyous Kawanza, or Diwali greetings–it's a simple, but inclusive way to greet a group of diverse friends and acquaintances! Use the greeting you are most comfortable with this holiday season, feel free to change it up situationally. All that really matters is bringing everyone together and sharing peace and goodwill with other humans who share this planet during a season where cheer and merriment is abundant!

Can i SELL these cards?

If you wish to sell these cards or distribute them for anything but your personal use (to give as greeting cards with a greeting written in them.)  you will need to purcahse an extended license.    You can find the info you need to contact me within the PDF.    White & Red Poinsettia Flower Arrangement Illustration with holly leaves and berries

What Size are these cards when printed?

These digital files have been created and formatted to print a 4.75 x 6.75” card which will fit a 5×7” envelope once trimmed along the cutting lines and creased!    


These card images will print best on bright white, matte cardstock paper.

What BEST PRINTER is best for printable cards?

You don't need a special printer. Whatever home printer you have will print these images fine if it can handle 80lb cardstock

A RANT: The printer I use at home

After my beloved wide format Epson pro printer died–it lived a good life!  I purchased a canon printer to replace it. The model I have is an eco-tank and I do not recommend it, but only due to the ink pad not being a replaceable product.   My ink pad filled after only 1 year and they told me my only option was to put the printer in the landfill.  I fixed it using some sketchy software hack online and will risk ink leaking out, but I'm mad about not being able to replace critical parts that wear out before the ink the printer came with has been used up! DOWNLOAD NOW


These Greeting Cards are for PERSONAL USE. Meaning PLEASE don't sell, give away, share the link etc.  You can use ONE of my images to direct people to this post w/ a specific link, but not provide the direct link to download the pdf. Take me back up to the step by step


A tape gun, scissors, ruler and printable cards. The craft supplies used to print and assemble these cards.


MY Skinny Type –Dafont Local Market – My Fonts


These Printable Holiday Cards were created using a combination of clipart, digital papers & fonts!     Wild Christmas 2 Animal Print Digital Papers. Christmas Flower & Foliage Clip Art Christmas Wreath Clip Art Set


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I’m thankful you stopped by & hope to see you around again soon! Carrie Stephens <3 Printable Christmas Cards | Merry Everything!Printable Christmas Cards | Merry Everything!Printable Christmas Cards | Merry Everything!

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