Free Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults

10 Beautiful, FREE Mandala coloring pages for adults and teens. Download these Advanced Printable Designs to color in and relax during morning meditation.

Black and White Mandala Coloring Page Line art drawing

10 Perfectly imperfect Printable Mandala Designs! 

Calming black and white Mandala Coloring Pages for adults. 

I created these mandala coloring pages to offer to use as easy to Download PDF images! Simply print then color as many therapeutic designs as you want!

If you love to color in repeating patterns to relax, you may also want to check out my set of free ZEN Printable coloring Patterns for endless, mindless relaxation.

Personal Use🎨

Inspirational Zest coloring pages come with a single-user Personal Use License.

You Can: Download with intent to color, make, use, craft, or decorate with the illustrations in a non-commercial or for profit / personal gain.

Classroom (student) use: You may pass out printed versions of these coloring sheets within your classroom or teaching environment, but not share the digital files or include them in TPT resources or as part of a paid course.


Send anyone who you think would like the pages here, if you link, you may use 1 display image with a logo on it, but NOT the printable files.

Printing questionsvisit my FAQ!

What is a MANDALA?

If you are unfamiliar with what a mandala even is, let's go over the basics of this symbol.

The word Mandala means “circle” in the South Asian Language; Sanskrit–the oldest of all attested human languages. 

A Mandala is a layered circle motif, most often symmetrical and balanced with a square. Drawn as part of a traditional ritual or used as a meditative or spiritual tool for personal growth and mindfulness surrounding the transient nature of life. 

The circular design is not only iconic in one culture or tradition, but also so multifaceted that it is used as symbol of the universe encompassing concepts of many cultures and interpretations around the globe. 

Discover more about the cultural history of this tool. Like, who first called it a mandala and why is it used in spiritual guidance / relaxation practices around the globe! Read fascinating history of the Mandala

4 Black and White Mandala Coloring Page with intricate patterns displayed in a row
So many mandalas and patterns for you to choose from, but you can also color in your favorite design repeatedly by printing multiple times.

Two IDEAS for using coloring pages As Decor

Typically, art collages are created with torn out magazine pages and plastered on the wall in a college dorm room or bedroom and can bring immense pleasure and can also serve as the perfect home decor to fit into ANY budget.

1. Inexpensive Wall Art

Create an aesthetic Wall Art collage. Mandalas make easy coloring pages for teens, and they can also be a part of beautiful DIY decorative decor!

These intricate printable mandala designs can be colored-in to match any preference to decorate bedroom or dorm walls and bulletin boards. Aesthetic wall art collages are trendy and fun!  

2. A Boho Banner Garland!

Cut-out and string up these mandala designs as a garland banner. Step by step!

  • Print the bohemian designs on a thicker cardstock
  • Choose some string–sari fabric, sisal string or even some torn fabric!
  • Cut the inner parts of the design from the page
  • Color-in Mandala Images
  • Punch holes on each side of the designs
  • String them together!

Download 10 free mandala coloring pages

Click the images to download the printable coloring pages as a PDF.

1. Flower Mandala Coloring Image

Black and White Mandala Coloring Page Line art drawing

This lovely Flower mandala is one of the easy-to-color printable designs, The coloring page illustration features a geometric background print and is surrounded by cute petals!

2. Advanced mandala printable

Black and White Mandala Coloring Page Line art drawing
A Pretty, Feminine Printable Mandala Coloring page pdf. 

This advanced colouring design will leave you feeling relaxed and calm by the time you are finished following the curvy lines of the pattern, coloring in all the details.

3. Bold Diamond and polka dot mandala coloring page

Black and White Mandala Coloring Page Line art drawing
A polka dot mandala with a bold diamond pattern background.

Why you should color Mandalas

It isn't always easy for everyone to be Mindful and focus on quietness.  I have personally found that that it takes long-term practice and intention. I don't believe I will ever be able to quiet my mind without having a calming activity.

There are some helpful tools I keep in your back pocket, one of them being adult coloring pages. The sense of calm and focus that coloring mandalas and intricate patterns can bring can calm a racing or anxious mind with little effort is my jam!

If that, is you too, coloring mandalas can serve as an excellent tool. Coloring intricate designs and patterns can not only serve to bring you into the present state of mind for meditation and mindfulness, but keep you there longer.

Try this: Print out a mandala coloring page and give coloring one in a try! Color by color, spend time reflecting on the moment, the beauty of imperfection and the gratitude you feel while focusing on the circular motif and pattern.

Each of these hand-drawn mandala coloring pages has its own unique personality, not completely symmetrical, but perfect in their own way, just like you. 

4. Dots Pattern Mandala COLORING PAGE

Black and White Mandala Coloring Page Line art drawing

This mandala coloring page is just bursting with pattern. Pattern dots that were intricately doodled and swirly elements that allow you to follow the curves of the lines with your pencil crayons.

Coloring TIP: This design has a lot of intricate details. While it is fun to color in, it is best to stick with a limited color palette when coloring in the dots pattern background!  Color all over the page with one color and then move on to the next, it will help you with the color distribution! 

5. Swirls and Scallop Mandala coloring page

Black and White Mandala Coloring Page Line art drawing

If I number my favorite mandala coloring pages from this collection of printable images, this one would be my number 2, favourite design! 

I really enjoy the scallop & swirl designs as well as the fact that this one is uneven and a bit wonkier than the rest. The swirl in the background is what makes it all POP out! 

6. Geometric Gem Mandala Coloring Page

Geometric Black and White Mandala Coloring Page. A Line art drawing to color in

This coloring page features a Geometric marquise shape pattern design for the pattern and a simple line and teardrop repeat!

7. Fall Sunflower Mandala Coloring Page

Black and White Mandala Coloring Page Line art drawing
Of all the images in this collection, this mandala and pattern combination is my favorite! 

A black and white swirl pattern background, a circle adorned with ruffles and a lovely sunflower mandala design in the forefront.  

TIP: Did I mention, once printed out these mandalas could easily be cut away from the intricate pattern designs on the background leaving you great material for your junk journal or for making custom greeting cards.   

8. Floral Pattern Mandala Coloring Page

Black and White Mandala Coloring Page Line art drawing
This circle mandala design is backed with a delicate floral pattern! 

If you enjoy coloring intricate details, finding it calming like I do, you are going to appreciate the tiny, cute flowers sprinkled in the background–each calling out to be colored with the sharpest colored pencils.

Coloring tip: I really like blocking in the color of the background first on these types of patterned pages.

9. Boho Feather Mandala coloring page

Black and White Mandala Coloring Page Line art drawing
A big, bold Bohemian Mandala drawing & fleur de lis pattern design.

This coloring page is meditative because of the repetition in the decorative design pattern. You will have fun coloring this one with earth tones!

10. Mandala Pattern Coloring Sheet

Black and white mandala pattern, several mandala circles layered together
The most advanced in this coloring page collection.   

The pattern design is made up of ALL the above mandalas, each one overlapping each other in a lovely pattern design.

TIP: Get creative! This page will look lovely if each mandala is colored in a monochromatic color scheme.  Shades of light and dark, it will make each design pop right out.

Need More coloring pages in your life?

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Are these PDF's easy to print?

Yes! a PDF file makes it easy to print. 

Not only that, but they are also high-quality and print with crisp lines! 

The files are conveniently found below, in one spot to download individually without having to click around from page to page or to multiple sites, finding only broken links.  

Download Help!

Downloading these PDF files is easy, but you must be logged into a google account and preferably download them to your own device.


  • Scroll to the image that you wish to download and print
  • Click the pink button that says “click to download”
  • A new browser window will open to show a PDF of the mandala image.
  • In the top right corner, click the little disk icon that says “save as” when you hover over it.
  • Choose a location on your hard drive to save the page when you can find it later

If you need help printing, see the printing help section below.  The most common issue with printing is not having adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer and trying to print the PDF directly from your web browser instead.  It can often mess up the pages.  

If you don't have adobe acrobat installed, download it! The free version is all you need and it will make viewing PDF files much easier in the future! 

Printing Help!

Printing is simple with any printer once you know which settings to modify to get the results you want!


  • Open the PDF and click print!
  • Choose your quality settings
  • Adjust your printer settings to the paper type you have loaded into your printer.
  • Select the “Actual Size” setting–unless you want your printed image to be smaller on the page, if you do, select custom scale, and select 50%
  • Now confirm and print.

Note: If you want to save ink when you are printing out these black and white coloring sheets, they print fine at normal quality. 

Always will print best with best quality, but it isn't necessary with black and white high-resolution files that you are going to color-in.  

How can these coloring pages be used?

My printable coloring pages are for your personal / classroom use only. NON-PROFIT!

Read the license details for my coloring pages here. Preferably Before downloading.

Who Created these Mandala coloring pages?

The doodle patterns and hand-drawn mandala illustrations on the coloring pages have been created by (me) Carrie Stephens, from sketch to final art.

I also sell the clipart images and patterns used to assemble these pages in my online shops.

My hand-drawn doodle patterns and mandala drawings are intended to be whimsical and imperfect, making them even more relaxing to color in without a second thought!

Carrie Stephens Author


Meet Carrie – A passionate visual content creator / digital artist from Canada.
She has 15+ years of experience creating & selling with over 150,000, downloadable digital product sales across multiple online marketplaces.

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