Disclaimer Statements

Disclaimer statements set upfront boundaries and establish the intent and scope of services offered so you understand upfront.

Last Updated: 10/30/2023

NOTE: For ease of readability, in the below policies Carrie Stephens of InspirationalZest.com will be referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’.

The Nature of our Content

InspirationalZest provides information, tips, tutorials and inspiration relating to empowering women creators & encouraging artistic expressions and creativity!

Not Professional Advice

ALL content posted on this blog is personal opinion and should be taken “as is”. Crafting ideas, techniques and projects are not foolproof.

We strive for accuracy and authenticity, sharing first hand knowledge, experience and information that we believe in, but we are not superhuman, a licensed body, nor claim to provide infallible professional advice.

No Guarantees

Results for art & craft projects can be variable. For this reason, what works for us, may not work the same for everyone. We are not responsible for any negative outcomes and cannot provide specific outcomes when you follow instructions, suggestions, use or replicate anything from our content.

Creator Responsibilities

You are responsible for your own creative crafting decisions and actions when following projects and making things!

Safety practices

If your craft projects involve potentially hazardous materials or techniques, PLEASE exercise caution and follow common sense safety guidelines. Read instructions on all products and seek professional advice when necessary.

On occasion, we promote products or services for which we earn a commission. We disclose these relationships so we can maintain transparency with you, always. If we don't believe in it, it's not promoted. See our disclosures for up to date affiliate and sponsor information!

Governing Law

These disclosures and any separate agreements whereby we provide you services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of, Canada.


☮Peace 🌈 love 💜 light 🌞 and KINDNESS 😎

If you have any questions and, or concerns about the terms & conditions, let me know!

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