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This copyright and intellectual property page serves to protect our creative work by educating users (YOU) about their (YOUR) rights & responsibilities regarding the content and downloads provided on / at Promoting legal and ethical use of our website and content.

Last Updated: 10/30/2023These policies are subject to change. We will notify you of any changes only by posting the modified version here.

By continuing to use our website and services, you will be bound by the most recent site policies, as such you are encouraged to check for updates whenever you access our website or services.

NOTE: For ease of readability, in the below policies Carrie Stephens of will be referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’.

All content on this blog is Copyright © 2023. Carrie Stephens | Inspirational Zest.
Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of content is prohibited without proper authorization.

Automatic legal protection granted to creators of original literary, artistic, and creative works, giving them exclusive rights to control how their works are used, reproduced, and distributed. It encompasses a wide range of creative works, including books, music, films, software, and more.

Copyright allows creators to benefit from their own creations, incentivizing innovation and artistic expression, while also safeguarding their intellectual property from unauthorized use.

Special USe Permissions

The following includes circumstances and terms under which Inspirational Zest content can be used.

Web Images (Photos)

I grant permission to use a single photo or web image, provided that it is relevant to the topic of your blog post and accompanied by a direct link (not marked nofollow) back to content. (The exact blog post where the photo originally appears.) This way, you can share my creative work with others who you feel will enjoy it, while ensuring that proper credit and context are given! (If you require a specific size, or use of more than one image, feel free to contact me!)

I appreciate that you enjoy my content and wish to promote it to your audience!

Third party content

  • Licensed Images: AI Generated, Purchased Stock and other Images licensed under the Creative Commons CC0
  • Images of third-party products or services not owned by us are copyrighted by their respective owners. Third party content is used with proper permission, licensing or attribution to the best of our knowledge.

Digital downloads

Please refrain from re-distributing digital downloads, (files) whether in their original form or altered, free or for profit.

These files are copyrighted and belong to Carrie Stephens Art. Distributing them without proper authorization infringes on the copyright protections in place.

Free Art & informational Downloads at IZ are licensed for personal & educational not for profit use. In the case of some products, extended licensing is available for an additional purchase that license allows limited commercial, for profit use according to those terms.

IZ Trademarks

We place great emphasis on the protection of our trademarks. Trademarks, which include our logo, brand name, and distinctive identifiers, represent the reputation and quality associated with our creative works and content.

Protecting these trademarks is crucial to ensuring that our audience can confidently identify genuine content and products associated with our brand.

We are committed to taking legal action against any unauthorized use or infringement of our trademarks to safeguard the integrity and uniqueness of our creative endeavors.

Governing Law

These disclosures and any separate agreements whereby we provide you services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of, Canada.


☮Peace 🌈 love 💜 light 🌞 and KINDNESS 😎

Your respect for my creative work is appreciated. For questions or usage requests, feel free to contact Carrie

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