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Other questions & Quick Answers

My Business or Tools I use?

To find out more about the tools I use every day in my digital art & blogging business, hop over to my recommended business resources, tools & supplies or If you want to know more about my story, my family, how I started my business, check out my About Me Page!

Discuss Collaboration or Commission?

Will you Customize a free printable?

No. Free printables or even my digital art is available only as you see it.

How about Guest or Sponsored posts?

It is important to know that I DO NOT take on sponsorship or collaboration with anything that doesn't suit my ideal creativity seeking visitor. My intention here is to be honest, serving my visitors and subscribers, helping them be more creatively inspired, learn, explore crafting, or have fun.

That means, I am not interested in selling them a diet shake or a weird invention. If what you want me to hustle for you is sketchy, don't waste your time, or mine. Also, I do not need or desire inquiries about “free traffic” so please don't bother. 😉   

NOTE: The more details you include in your initial inquiry, the easier and FASTER it will be for me to give you an answer.  

Using Your images on My site or blog?

IMAGE & FILES CREDIT: If you are pinning or sharing an image on social media (w/credit & watermarks) THANK YOU! 

BLOGGERS: PLEASE only choose a single image to display or on your blog w/ description credit + a direct, FOLLOW LINK back to the post–otherwise, don't use my content. I'm Happy to work with you if you need a different image.

Republishing my words / content in entirety or claiming images or files as your own is always prohibited.  

All File Downloads and Printables w/ exception of Free Clipart Images are for personal, noncommercial use w/o a license upgrade. If that didn't answer your questions, send me an email!

How Do I show you something i made?

Of course, I would love to see what you made! The creativity of others inspires and thrills me. The best way would be to connect with me on my facebook page or email me a link from a social media post, drive or dropbox.

Questions about Policies, Terms & Agreements!

Site Policies & Disclosures

The site policies and disclosures page covers: Privacy Policy, Cookies Policies, Terms of Service & any other General Disclosures.

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Carrie Stephens Art License Agreements

All downloads and digital artwork at Inspirational zest is by Carrie Stephens Art. If you are looking for the license agreements and terms of use for digital art and printable downloads, you will find the full license agreements here or an overview of the licenses by type of digital product here!

If you are finding yourself confused about how you can use my site or graphics. I am happy to answer your questions, send me an email.