Hello Creative Human!

A photo of Carrie Stephens of Inspirational Zest

Hey, I'm Carrie Stephens, a creator of things and this is my little corner of the internet.

Creating digital art in photoshop or illustrator and drawing, doodling, painting, and cutting paper are my favourite things to do! If that's your jam too, I hope you'll stick around!

My goal with Inspirational Zest is not only to continue my creative career, but share my art, Inspiration and what I know and knowing that I have a special spot all my own where I can not only put all my creative projects, but also help other creativity seekers like you with some of the extra ZEST needed to jump start a creative project.

Warning: I am not an expert crafter; I have a short attention span, I make LOTS of mistakes and tend to blather on quite a bit more than I need to, but I try hard and have good intentions!

I learn as I go and hope to encourage you to do the same along with me.

Anyway, like i said… I can be motormouthed. I really am glad you are here. Let's make creativity an enjoyable escape in our lives, together?

Random FACTS ABOUT Carrie Stephens

1. Crafting does not come naturally to me.

While I really enjoy drawing, making crafts and the art of crafting with paper, glue or tools does not come naturally to me, but i still really want to do all the fun crafty projects! 

I am often unorganized and make a UGE mess that I don't like to clean up, but I still love it and want to explore and do something creative any chance I get.  If I can make it through a craft project from start to finish, you can too!

2. I have been SELLING digital art for 16 years!

It all started with a love of taking photos of my babies!

I found Digital Scrapbooking when it was just a micro-community of SAHM's on email groups (I can't even remember how that was a thing?) teaching each other how to use photoshop and digital graphics to create scrapbooks.

It didn't take long, before I was hooked!  I began teaching myself how to use photoshop and illustrator to make digital scrapbook layouts and soon after, my own digital graphics for scrapbooking kits to share and sell.

For 7 years, I was also a freelance designer of Scrapbooking Papers & Embellishments for Creative Memories scrapbooking company.

The Digital Scrapbooking Kits and Digital Scrapbook Layouts I used to make looked like this!

3. My digital art business was formerly known as FishScraps.

Fishscraps Logo
FishScraps -Take one byte and you'll be hooked!  

Don't laugh!  It was Cute and weird just like me.  FishScraps served me well, but I outgrew it.

4. I manage and create digital art for several online shops!

  • CarrieStephensArt : My successful Etsy Shop featuring a selection of digital clip art & backgrounds.
  • CSPrintableart : a shop focusing on printables | coloring pages, stickers & digital transfer images.
  • A shop at Teachers Pay Teachers with licensing terms more suited towards Educators creating lesson plans to sell in their own shops.

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